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Stuff About Me From A - Z

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

"T" for Travel. This is me on the Great Wall of China!

I wonder about...

A- Apples. I eat one almost every day. Braeburns are my fave.

B- Books. Is there such a thing as too many books? I don't think so.

C- Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My hometown.

D- Dogs. Definitely a dog person.

E- Espresso. I espresso myself every morning. More than once.

F- Friends and family. They enrich my life beyond measure. I'm so lucky!

G- Gratitude. I try to find something to be grateful for every single day.

H- Hummingbirds. Watching them at my feeder is a highlight of my day.

I- Inquisitorial. An impressive word for being a nosy parker.

J- Journaling. I try to write 2-3 pages in a journal every day.

K- Kids. I have 3 of them - all weird and amazingly wonderful humans.

L- LOVE rules! Always. Don't forget it. Even when it doesn't seem possible.

M- Mountains. Where I feel most at home.

N- Novels. My passion. Reading 'em and writing 'em.

O- Onomatopoeia. Fisst, fwoosh, oink, thud...

P- Postcards. My favourite thing to get in the mail. Way better than bills.

Q- Quantum physics. I keep trying to wrap my mind around it, but...

R- Reading. I spend at least an hour a day with my nose in a story.

S- Scrabble. I've kicked a few butts in my day.

T- Travel. Love it! Photo above is of me on the Great Wall of China.

U- Ultra -tidy, -casual, -punctual, -hip (I wish).

V- Victoria. The city I call home on the west coast of British Columbia.

W- Writing, walking and wine. But not at the same time.

X- Xenophile. Not to be confused with xenophobe.

Y- Yoga. One of my favourite activities. Keep calm and repeat Ommmm...

Z- Zest for life. After I've consumed at least 2 cups of coffee. See 'E'.

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